Butterfly Jewelry

Real butterfly wing jewelry and insect wing jewelry created using real butterfly,  moth and insect wings.

Butterflies and Insects used in my pieces have been sustainably raised and bred on insect farms globally and play an important role in conservation programs.  Many governments and conservation programs (WWF & Nature Canada) teach sustainable practices of raising insects for economic purposes for livelihood rather than jobs that destroy rainforests such as slash and burn agricultural farming and logging.  It is important to support such conservation programs that teach these sustainable economic alternatives.

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Real Butterfly Earrings black with Red
These sweet earrings are made with the wings of a black butterfly with red spot on it's wings. . Eve..
Real Butterfly Jewelry, Blue Spot Butterfly
This is a Real Butterfly Wing Pendant of a blue spot butterfly. This is a top wing and I soldered th..
Real Butterfly Necklace, Recycled Monarch Wings, Nature Necklace
This real butterfly necklace is made with a found specimen of a Monarch butterfly from Dorchester On..
Real Butterfly Wing Bracelet Asterope Optima depuiseti
Stunning Butterfly Bracelet made with a Callithea leprieuri also called Asterope Optima depuiseti. I..
Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry Great Orange Tip Butterfly
This Real Butterfly Wing Pendant is of the species Hebomoia glancippe, also known as the Great Orang..
Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry, European Peacock Butterfly
This is a such a cute and colorful butterfly. I made this Real Butterfly Wing Pendant with the speci..
Real Butterfly Wing Pendant of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
This Real Butterfly Pendant is made with the species of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. It is a lovely..
Real Butterfly Wing Pendant, Blue Morpho Butterfly, BFF Necklace, Friendship Mother Daughter Set
These butterfly pendants are made with shimmering blue morpho zephyritis butterfly wings. Each one i..
Real Butterfly Wing Ring Sunset Moth
This Real Butterfly Wing Ring is made with a bottom wing of a Madagascan Sunset Moth. It has been ca..
Real Butterfly Wing Ring, Three Wings
This Real Butterfly Wing Ring is made with the broken wings of a Papilio Memnon Butterfly an Owl But..
Real Butterfly Wing Ring,Sunset Moth
This Real Butterfly Wing Ring is made with a top wing of a Madagascan Sunset Moth. It has been caref..
Real Cicada Jewelry, Cicada Wing Choker, Brass Torque, Brass Insect Wing Choker, Cicada from Thailand
This is a real cicada wing choker that is made with a real cicada insect from Thailand.  This B..
Real Dragonfly Pendant
This is a Real Dragonfly Wing. The pendant is so difficult to photograph as the photo does not do th..
Real Madagascan Sunset Moth Tear Drop Pendant, Mother Daughter Set, BFF Necklace set
Vibrant and iridescent wing necklace set made from Madagascan sunset moths. The wings are delicately..
Real Monarch Butterfly Wing Pendant, Real Butterfly Jewelry
This is a Real Butterfly Pendant is made with the species of an Monarch Butterfly found expired. In ..
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