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Artisan Debra Jeffries is an established jewelry designer known worldwide for her handmade real butterfly and insect wing artisan jewelry. She is a self taught artist and has learned different aspects of jewelry crafting in stained glass, fused glass, metal forging, wire wrapping, gemology and dabbled in basic silversmithing skills.

Debra is mostly known for her wide selection of Recycled Real Butterfly and Insect Wing Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets and much more. Her Authentic Butterfly Wing Jewelry shows a large selection of Trendy Designs, Recycled Metal pieces including Sterling Silver and Copper wire wrapped Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings to Fused Glass Pieces. Her butterflies and insect specimens are purchased from a licensed supplier. Butterflies are ethically farmed.

"Every item I make is made with the finest materials and utmost artistic integrity. All my Jewelry Pieces are Original and created in my London Ontario Studio"


All Butterfly & Insect wings are attained from cruelty-free farms across the globe through a licensed wholesaler.  These farms raise and care for the caterpillars to pupae to butterflies and the butterflies once hatched are allowed to fly in freedom until their natural death. They are raised intentionally in underpriveledged countries and are collected when their lives expire naturally. No butterflies are killed for making my jewelry pieces.  These farms play a HUGE role in providing employment, education and conservation of their reared specimens as they release a certain percentage back into the wild to increase the natural population.

Did you know most butterflies have a very short life span approximately 2-3 weeks only!   My jewelry pieces preserve their beauty forever♥

Debra's Divine Designs is also a member of The Artisan Group based out of California which is a collective, hand-picked group of Artists and Artisans that gift celebrities and members of the press at special events and luxury gift lounges with their handmade products.

Have you an interest in purchasing Wholesale Products for your store or selling needs?  No problem, just contact Debra with your email address and she will send you her current Wholesale Catelogue.

Welcome, relax and take a look around. Please feel free to email me for any questions or custom order requests that you have in mind.



Debra lives with her two siamese cats Lily and Milo and her trusted companion Lyric, an English Creme Golden Retriever who just adopted a kitten we name Chevy! 

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